Waterline Boats trading as Boatshed Seattle have just renewed their License for a further 5 years. They signed their first agreement in 2008.

“Boatshed is a friendly, collaborative network of boat sales professionals, and a highly-sophisticated and innovative internet marketing platform. It was easy for us to make the decision to continue our relationship. Boatshed’s systems are simply better for those who list their boat for sale with Waterline Boats, and better for our buyers. Which means more business for us! The Boatshed team is remarkably driven to lead the industry by putting innovative marketing and sales technology into the hands of all the brokers in its member offices. A recent example is 360 Virtual Tours on the Boatshed platform — another method for presenting boats that is helpful to buyers as they research their choices online”.

Scott Helker, president of Waterline Boats

We wish them ongoing success!

If you are interested in discovering about the Worldwide opportunities available to work with Boatshed, then visit our dedicated website - Boatshed Business.

Pictured is the Waterline Boats crew, with Neil Chapman (back row centre), founder and Managing Director of Boatshed.