As you know, Boatshed will go to any depths and lengths to make sure that your boat-buying experience is a good one but even we were stunned at the recent free diving world records that have just been broken by one stunningly brave British lady.

Sara Campbell reached 81 metres in Free Immersion at the Triple Depth Competition in Egypt with one single breath of air. The next day she was back, descending an amazing 90 metres in the Constant Weight class. But she was not done, as on the final day she achieved a massive 56 metre dive in the Constant Weight, No Fins class. What makes this story even more extraordinary is that Sara has only been participating in the sport for 12 months. Sara - Boatshed salutes your efforts and you are an inspiration. Now, has anyone seen my snorkle?

Sara is also a BLUE ambassador along with Conrad Humphreys, who as regular visitors will know is a 'Friend of Boatshed' (TM - patent pending!) after we sold his Open 60 for him to Dee Caffari (also a 'Friend of Boatshed').

The BLUE Climate and Oceans Project is the first environmental campaign to use sport and adventure to highlight and raise awareness about the health of our climate and