One company that has been working to help with the sale and disposal of many of the boats caught up in the hurricanes is Hurricane Damaged is an initiative specifically designed to help companies, individuals, boat owners, charter companies and the wider marine industry following the storm and hurricane damage in the Caribbean.

The Boatshed organisation is working with a number of partners and associated marine companies. By making available its boat sales platform and specifically it's mobile web applications, it is able to assist with the disposal, sale and potentially repair and refurbishment of boats and associated equipment.

The transparency of Boatshed utilising it's TIM platform (transparent information marketing), enables potential buyers and sellers to very accurately work out values and to monitor interest in boats.

The process involves recording around 350 pieces of information including hundreds of photographs, video and VR, enabling boat buyers, insurance companies and charter organisations to get a completely clear impression of the current condition of boats.

Using behavioural data and machine learning it is possible to better understand which customer is interested in which boat and how strong that interest is at a particular point in time. This enables the broker and sales process to be more efficient.

In a market place where numerous boats have been damaged, it is really important that the condition of all the components of a boat are very accurately described and catalogued.

Boatshed is making available it's tool set to enable companies or individuals to better appreciate the condition of boats and to make the process flow better.

Boatshed has pioneered the use of a modular process for the disposal and sale of a huge range of watercraft. Hurricane Damaged Boats is now utilising these same principles to facilitate a clearer open market place. The modular approach also makes it much more economic for companies to dispose of boats because brokerage fees are calculated on the amount of potential work and in which process is undertaken.

Therefore, charter companies wishing to catalogue boats and conduct their own viewings, but who still require a broker, will be able to sell boats and dispose of damaged vessels at six percent of boat value. This represents a significant saving on the traditional USA/Caribbean ten percent brokerage fee.

For more information about Boatshed Modular and to get more info on how to be involved in the Hurricane Damaged Boats project, go to

Boatshed envisages that the first listings of boats will start in January 2018, with a view to boat auction and a sales catalogue in February.

A team from Hurricane Damaged Boats supported by the Boatshed organisation is spending several weeks over the New Year working with existing charter companies to facilitate the sale of some of their vessels.