It's always good to know a little bit more about the team at Boatshed and this month we've been chatting to Tim Kingston who is a broker for Boatshed Brighton.

Hi Tim, what was your first experience of boating?

As a young boy, we used to hire a cottage in Porthdinllaen, North Wales, every year. Each year I used to look longingly into the boat shed (really!) next door, STUFFED with boating gear and a little dinghy and HOW I wanted to sail her! Imagine my excitement when, one day, the owners gave us permission to use it - I was IN straight away and taught myself to sail - I never looked back and was determined to have my own boat one day!

Before you joined Boatshed what did you do?

I was a Royal Navy engineer and facilities manager.

Is there anything in particular you like about being a broker?

Seeing lots of boats, breathing lots of boats, being around boats and meeting boat owners!

What would you say was a typical working day for you Tim?

I do my day job, then spend a couple of hours on the train completing Boatshed emails and then onto viewings or listings.

If you were on a desert Island who would you like to be stranded with and why?

A combination of my partner - Donna, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston - they're all ravishingly attractive, intelligent and can hold a decent conversation. Well, Donna can!

What is your first memory of boating?

THAT tiny dinghy (type unknown), sailing from scratch...

What has been your best experience on a boat ?

Probably buying my first boat - a Moody 29 through Sam at Boatshed Portsmouth and proudly arriving in Brighton for the first time after a really rough day. No one saw me, but I was still proud! And we were both still in one piece - gave me great confidence in my Moody's abilities.

and your worst experience?

Probably an overnighter to Fecamp in a Victoria 34 - a vicious force 7 in the dark - cold, wet and miserable.

The only thing that could top that would be when I was an engineer on a Royal Navy patrol boat, HMS Pursuer, in a force 9/10 to Fecamp (again!), with a crew of 12 university students - I literally watched the ship fall apart around me and wasn't over-keen on the fact that I was the only one with any knowledge to keep her in one piece and was all ok in the end though, but we did limp in on one very poorly engine.

Do you have a favourite anchorage?

Newtown Creek, IOW - easily. Quiet, beautiful. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to think the same!

When onboard what do you like to eat?

Branston beans and sausages in a tin has to be quite up there! Pasties, pies - all the usual easy stuff.

If you could only do one voyage, where would that be to?

Home, to my family. Though, the older I get, the more I'm considering putting all my belongings on board and "just going, no particular destination" - my customers might not be so happy though!

Do you have a personal hero?

Nelson's up there. Along with all who have died for us in wars. The older I get, the more I appreciate their sacrifice.

And what would you say the best or worst advice you have ever been given?

Best - listen to Boatshed selling broker advice! That's why I bought from Boatshed and why I became a Boatshed broker. Another one - get your lifejackets checked by an RNLI life jacket checker (me!) - we find so many that would never have worked, if needed...

Worst - I can't think of anything, really - I'm sure my children would!

Thank you ever so much for chatting with us Tim.

If you are interested in joining the team at Boatshed, please check out our dedicated business page.